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Your IT Operations partner, driving business transformation through technology.


Cloud & Data Center

Workloads delivered on the right infrastructure – On or Off Premise.

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Data & Storage Management

Effectively use your data today to align technology with the goals of your business.

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Find new ways to manage and protect your technology assets to enhance the experience for your users.

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Webinar: Defeating IT Complexity

IT professionals are being challenged today as never before. Pervasive mobility, an explosion of connected devices, the proliferation of cloud-based services, and the emergence of increasingly sophisticated security threats are making networks more and more complex. However, in most organizations, IT budgets are not keeping pace with this growing complexity. How will you cope with […]

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Webinar: Securing the Entire Attack Continuum

According to the Cisco Midyear Security Report, 93% of corporate networks surveyed access sites that play host to worms, IPv6 spam, rootkits and other nefarious malware. And, unfortunately, traditional security measures are failing. Email and Web are today’s top threat vectors. That’s not really new. The novelty lies in how the threats are manifesting. Take […]

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Webinar: A New Era in Cloud Based MDM

Whether or not you’ve deployed a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution within your organization, this free webinar is one you don’t want to miss. Come learn what an enterprise-class cloud-based MDM solution looks like. During this interactive webinar, we’ll take you through a live scenario, seamlessly deploying new devices using Cisco Meraki’s cloud-based mobile device […]

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Lunch: Upgrade/Migrate from Windows Server 2003 without Downtime

Microsoft Server 2003 end of life is coming. We all know July 14, 2015 marks the date Microsoft will stop providing updates for Microsoft Server 2003. We have discussed this in our blog, provided technical briefs on Windows Server 2012 and had numerous discussions with our clients on the topic. It’s clear to us that […]

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About thinkASG

We Create Clients for Life

thinkASG is an IT consulting company driven by a passion to create clients for life. The business we do with our clients is ultimately driven by the relationships we strive to have with them. We seek mutually Accountable, Sustainable, and Growth centric partnerships with our client partners.

Over the past 20 years we have been helping our clients with their mission critical workloads, managing their business data and providing the required support to sustain their IT and business operations. As technology changes and new methods of IT delivery, like the cloud, become more prevalent, thinkASG remains the constant for our clients.

For us to be a partner for life to our clients, we must deliver on our commitment to always be focused on the success of our client’s business. In order to consistently maintain this close partnership, we have developed a unique approach we call yourBusiness.

yourBusiness was designed to complete the puzzle of aligning technology with the vision, goals and objectives of our client’s business. This unique view consists of the yourData, yourCloud and yourSupport solution offerings to address the major requirements and challenges businesses are faced with today.

yourCloud takes a workload by workload view to determine what is the best target infrastructure to deploy the workload. This may include on-premise (physical or virtualized), public, private and hybrid cloud as well as SaaS.

yourData focuses on a business’ most valuable assets; their data. Through this lens, we are able to unlock new ways to manage and protect the business data to drive efficiency.

yourSupport ensures that everything that is essential to running the business is protected. This includes IT inventory, software, subscriptions, vendor management, contracts, warranty and support services.

Each solution within yourBusiness starts with a one-on-one personalized workshop. During this whiteboard session, we take steps together to understand the client’s business, their goals and the challenges and current state of their infrastructure and technology. From the workshop, the client is presented with findings and a plan with recommended next steps. In many cases, the logical next step is an assessment to establish a baseline then develop an outcome that is strategically aligned with the goals and objectives of the business.

yourBusiness is the first important step in a logical process to identify, document and help transform our client’s IT environment as they look for ways to align technology with their business. This is how we create clients for life.

We want you to be a client for life.